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HYMA Divider Block

HYMA Divider Block

                     HYMA Divider has progressive block divider, sectional divider, singleline divider , injector for                           different lubrication systems.

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HYMA Divider Block Components

HYMA has a variety of distributor types that can be applied to different lubrication systems (progressive systems, singleline systems, etc.).

Each series of distributors has different structure, shape, displacement, working temperature, etc. You can choose different distributors according to equipment working load, working conditions, ambient temperature and oil (grease) used.

HYMA Divider Block Manufacturing

The processing of the valve body of the divider applies the international advanced multi-axis CNC machine tool combined with the automatic production line.

Meanwhile, adopting the international advanced production technology and high-precision grinding machine to reduce the leakage of the valve body and fully guarantee the grease demand volume of the lubrication point.

HYMA Divider Block QC

The production, assembly, and quality inspection of HYMA dividers must comply with the company’s relevant technical specifications.

The starting pressure, pressure holding capacity, sealing performance, displacement, and maximum input pressure of the divider must be tested according to the inspection standard before shipment .

Your Reliable Divider Block Manufacturer in China

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As a leading provider of industrial equipment solutions, HYMA provides accurate and effective lubrication protection for equipment and bearings, reducing equipment downtime, maximizing cost-effectiveness, improving safety, and extending the life of the most critical assets.

Customer Project On HYMA Divider Block

automatic grease system for excavator

automatic grease system for Loader

You can use HYMA Progressive Divider on construction machinery.


automatic grease system for excavator

HYMA progressive divider is suitable for excavator.

Single line pressurized divider used on Truck

Single line pressurized divider installed on Truck

HYMA Single line pressurized divider is helpful for Truck.

Divider Block Complete Guide

What is Divider Block

Divider blocks (sometimes refered to as distribution blocks or grease distribution blocks) deliver correct lubrication rates to be distributed to multiple points, to provide the proper lubrication.

How Much Divider Block Cost

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How to Choose Divider Block

Please contact our engineer to get the proper design for your equipment and system.

How Does Divider Block Work

Divider blocks are single line progressive hydraulic systems used to divide a single lubrication feed to multiple points while allowing each point to receive a different quantity of grease.


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