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You can choose different HYMA lubrication pump such as gear pump, piston pump, single point lubricator, automatic lubrication pump, oil lubrication pump, multipoint pump, sinleline pump, dual line pump and progressive pump etc for your specific working conditions. HYMA is reliable electric lubrication pump manufacturer with 2000+ clients worldwide.

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HYKG progressive Pump

Use for single-line or progressive lubrication systems, Application as Wind, Construction machinery, On and off-road vehicles, Industry, etc.

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Used for progressive lubrication systems, Application as Harsh environment equipment. 

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 Used for single-line lubrication systems, Application as On and off-road vehicles, heavy trucks.

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Lubrication Pump by features


HYE7X Single Line pump

Used for Single line lubrication system,Application as Mining trucks,wind turbine,production line,etc.

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Used for Single line lubrication system,Application as Mining equipment, belt conveyor,machinery,wind. 

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Used for equipment with less than 11 lubrication points,Application as Trucks, coach, concrete station etc.

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HYMA Lubrication Pump Application

HYMA automatic greaser for trucks

HYMA PUMP For trucks

With city buses and heavy trucks running 24 hours, 7 days a week – proper maintenance is necessary.

HYMA automatic greasing system for Construction Machinery

HYMA PUMP For earthmoving

Daily manual maintenance is inefficient with operations running 24 hours, 7 days a week. Automation lubrication management are important to maintain equipment value, while producing an efficient operation.

HYMA automatic greasing system for Wind energy

HYMA PUMP For wind energy

In a wind turbine the yaw bearing, generator, pitch bearing raceways, open gears and main bearing must be lubricated automatically

HYMA automatic greasing system for Mining and mineral processing

HYMA PUMP For mining equipment

Mining is an extremely demanding off-road segment with loads, temperatures and equipment working at high strength. Productivity and uptime are at their best with HYMA Lubrication systems.

HYMA Laboratory Equipment

HYMA has more than 30 sets of advanced experimental equipment including Coordinate measuring instrument, model: ZEISS CONTURA; Salt spray test box, model: EA-SF-60; UV tester, model: QUV; IPX7 test box, model: YX-IPX7BS- 1200L; etc.

HYMA Lubrication Pump Manufacturing

Precision components such as lubrication pump element and safety valve are processed by international advanced multi-axis CNC machine tools. Combining CNC milling, CNC boring, CNC drilling and other functions. After the workpiece is clamped once, the machined surface can be milled, boring, Drilling and other multi-process processing ,which can effectively avoid the positioning error caused by multiple installations, shorten the production cycle and improve the processing accuracy.

HYMA Lubrication Pump QC

HYMA passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.All products are designated by the quality department to formulate targeted inspection specifications and inspection procedures in accordance with incoming material inspection, process inspection, and final inspection. Formulate inspection specifications in combination with international or national standards, enterprise and industry standards, and product technical specifications.

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1-HYMA automatic greasing system

As a leading provider of industrial equipment solutions and maintenance, HYMA provides accurate and effective lubrication protection for equipment and bearings, reducing your equipment downtime, maximizing cost-effectiveness, improving safety, and extending the life of the most critical assets.


Customer Project On HYMA Lubrication Pump

automatic grease system for construction machinery

HYMA automatic grease system for construction machinery


HYMA automatic grease system for crane


HYMA automatic grease system for truck


HYMA automatic grease system for wind power

Lubrication Pump Ultimate Guide

What is Lubrication Pump

Lubrication pumps feed lubricant from the lubricant reservoir into the tubing system of the automatic centralized lubrication system. The manometric pressure has to be high enough to compensate for pressure drops in the tubing, components (filters, valves, distributors) and friction points.

types of Lubrication Pump

Single line pump, Twin line pump, Progressive pump, Gear pump, Oil circulation pump,Air operated pump, Multi line pump etc.

How does Lubrication Pump work

The pump takes in an amount of oil or grease from a reservoir, forces it through the lubrication points and then feeds it back to the reservoir.

what is the feature of Lubrication Pump

Durable, reliability,cost-saving ,easy-operated , automatically, safety,etc.


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